World's #1 adult artwork metaverse that pays you.

A FREE-TO-PLAY artporn platform where you can experience millions of 18+ artwork by indie artists around the world. Fueled by $KINKS, a utility-focused crypto token, Kinklets keeps you busy playing, creating & collecting NFT art, and sooo much more!

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Enjoy 2.600.000+ interactive pieces of 18+ art, for free.

Powered by independent artists around the world, Kinklets is the only gamified art-powered adult crypto ecosystem that connects players, creators, and investors.

Experience Your Deepest Fantasies.

Jump into a galaxy of yummy fantasies you've never seen before. Erase the repetitive boundaries of traditional porn through tasty mouthwatering art.

Free to Play. Play to Earn. Forever.

No credit card or download required. Start playing in seconds and immerse yourself into a world powered by quests, levels, rewards, and even the ability to earn!

Collect NFTs, Build Your Crib, Explore.

Coming Soon: Showcase your favorite pieces of art in your own personal digital Crib. Evolve your avatar, make friends, get notoriety in the art world, and more!

art creator? earn cash & Crypto, go full time.

Join the free Kinklets Creators Program to get verified as an artist and gain access to an ever-growing set of cutting edge tools designed to help you grow your home-based art business.

Grow Your Fanbase.

Coming Soon: Gain notoriety by promoting your social accounts, grow your Kinklets followers base, and put your artwork in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes!

Monetize Your Art in Minutes.

Coming Soon: Promote your Patreon, get tipped, start membership clubs, and even convert your current artwork to NFTs in minutes!

Every style, every format.

Whether you like drawing, creating comics, 2D or 3D animation, creating video games (and more), there's a place for your creations in Kinklets.

not just a token. a $KINKS GAME CHANGER.

Kinklets ($KINKS) is a cross-chain deflationary ERC20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, with upcoming bridges for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and other blockchains.

Our tokens' goal is to build a privacy-first bridge between the ambitious Kinklets ecosystem, and the real world.

All-in-One Utility Ecosystem

Spending. Trading. Tipping. Publishing. Boosting. Holding. Earning. Governance. And a LOT more to be announced!

Fair Presale & Whitelist

With a hard cap and a limit per transaction, the presale will ensure everyone on the whitelist gets a fair chance at loading up their bags!

10-Year+ Vision

We're in for the long run. The tokenomics are structured to incentivize long-term growth and rewards everyone in the ecosystem: players, creators, holders, and more!

Kinklets Feature Highlights

Why is Kinklets your next daily app? Let's start with the obvious:

New Content Every Minute

Creators around the world draw, animate, and launch their artwork online. We scan that every minute and

No Censorship

No illegal content, such as artwork depicting minors. Anything else, no matter how freaky, is on Kinklets.

Use Kinklets Anywhere

Available on the web, on your phone / tablet. Apps coming soon for Windows, macOS, Android, VR, and other platforms.

Cultural Breakthrough

Porn used to be the devil. Nowadays it's a daily habit widely accepted by the society. Adult artwork got left behind, and we want to change that.

Privacy-First, Secure & Fun

We let you choose how you want to interact with Kinklets, whether through your email, phone, or crypto wallet.

Monthly Feature Releases

Kinklets is being built by a solid team of serial entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and creators. We're here to stay.

Enjoy the Kinklets App Preview 100% for free!